1. The average pea weighs 4 g and the average potato weighs 40 g (not true – I made this up). If you have 400 g of each, what number of potatoes and peas will you have?

    100 potatoes and 100 peas

    100 potatoes and 10 peas

    10 potatoes and 100 peas

    1 potatoes and 100 peas

  2. If you wanted to have equal numbers of peas and potatoes, and you had 25 potatoes, what mass of peas would you need?

    100 g

    25 g

    1 kg

    2.5 g

  3. If you are using 100 ng of pUC18 and you want an equal amount of molecules of pKC7, how many ng of pKC7 do you need? You will need to use these plasmid sizes

    214 ng

    467 ng

    0.0214 ng

    46.7 ng

  4. If you have equal mass amounts of pKC7 and pUC18, which one do you have more molecules of?



    You would have the same number of molecules of both.

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